Names Ken, I am a student at IUP pursuing an English/Writing degree and plan to go into Campus Ministry once I graduate. On my blog here I like posting about my life, theology in the world, and book reviews.

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"What is, is right"

Do you agree with that? “What is, is right”… right? 

This is a very deterministic way to look at things. What it comes down to is that we are all machines and the way nature brought us to where we are is how things are and what we do, is right. So as Marquis de Sade so nicely showed us, since men are stronger than women, men can do whatever they like to women because that is what nature has given us. He ended himself in prison. 

Now he is an extreme case, but a lot of intellectuals believe because this is what science tells us. Everything is a big machine, including you and me. 

Rene Descartes once said, “I think therefore I am” 

He is saying that because you think, because you have a conscious, because we don’t play by the same rules of the machines we are human or we are made in the Image of God. 

Isn’t that inspiring! We are NOT machines. And we aren’t machines just because of a quote by a philosopher, we aren’t because God created us that and also because we live and have free will. You are conscious of your actions. If you chose to read this, if you chose to turn on your computer, if you chose to walk to your classes today ( or not going to your classes), you CHOSE to do that. That is free will my friends! You because we have a conscious about all of those things that totally goes against determinism. 

Yes, it is true that your past influences but we can change. We don’t have to listen to people, we don’t have to do what our mom says, we can sneak out or something. At any moment we could do anything! We are free to live. 

We are free to praise God. That is what makes our worship so incredibly great! Because we worship because He is great, not because He forces us. And Yes, the Bible talks about Pre-Destination and the Elect and such, but it also says that God judges us. And I don’t completely understand stand it, but that is okay. It is okay that God has concepts that are above my head, He better. 

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